Always guided by the concept of quality and service, the main objective of this Company is to improve and introduce the most modern technology in the areas of cultivation, processing and transformation of tomato and its new products.

Tomato, base of our diet

The current CONESA Group was founded in 1976 by Manuel Vázquez Gimón as “Conservas Vegetales de Extremadura” with tomato processing as its main activity. The annual processing capacity at that time was

about 6,000 tons of fresh tomato per season. Today, Grupo CONESA, led by the brothers Manuel, Rafael and Rogelio Vázquez Calleja, is the leader in its sector in Europe, having an input capacity of some 16,000 tons

per day of fresh tomato. With the same care with which they take care of their raw material, they also take care of their facilities and that is why they contacted Bathco Atelier.

Atelier´s interpretation

Three elements are what inspired the artists of Bathco Atelier to approach this work. Firstly, the tomato as the element on which all the

processes revolve. Plantations that require large areas of land due to the size of the tomato plant and the nutrients it needs. Finally,

the company logo that acts as a differentiator.


The customized washbasins for Conesa Grupo want to convey the quality tomato with which they work on a daily basis. They carry out a

meticulous and detailed work from planting to harvest. Each seed is carefully deposited underground and watered drip so as not to move the

soil too much and to maintain moisture until the first sprouts appear.

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