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DARIA is many things and one thing at a time. Daría is the name of the chef’s grandmother, a woman with a lot of charisma and personality who inspired him in front of the stove while he patiently waited for the pot to be ready.


Bathco Atelier’s intervention in the DARIA restaurant consists of three wall pieces, two ceramic pieces and two decorated washbasins.

One of the interventions is located at the access to the bathrooms and was made by Cecilio Espejo with lines in white, black and a

greenish-blue or viridian tone to match the tiles in the bathroom itself.

In the image of the doors, two icons from the history of art were played with, as described by the artist “they are the David of Michelangelo and the Venus of Botticelli to differentiate the female bathroom from the


These two figures have been surrounded by elements chosen to create a dreamlike image open to interpretation as the signature cuisine itself ”.

Interpretación del Atelier

The other two interventions are in the upper dining room, a space reserved for gastronomic items such as vegetables and fish. Sardines on the main wall and artichokes, tomatoes and onions in another corner, accompanying the diners. These were chosen as a suggestion by the chef himself, Nacho del Corral, continuing with the graphic design applied to

the restaurant’s menus.

The ceramic pieces were placed next to the mural of the sardines. These are two plates intervened with ceramic decals that continue with the aesthetics of the entrance to the bathrooms, thus joining the ground floor and the first floor. The artist himself explains

how the process of recreation of the works has been, “the pieces have been first sketched in pencil and then black and blue-green enamel has been applied on different surfaces, to finish a brush marking was made”.


In the female bathroom you can find a New Toulouse washbasin made of raw porcelain with pink microcement, while in the men’s bathroom, a raw Lys washbasin of gray microcement was installed,

made in the Bathco workshop. The Bathco Atelier artists applied the restaurant’s logo thanks to ceramic decals and decorated the piece with phrases that refer to the pleasure of gastronomy.

Both the New Toulouse and the Lys were placed on decapé solid wood countertops made to measure by Cantabrian carpenters.

Customized washbasins

Bathco Atelier artists customized the restaurant’s washbasins. María Centeno explains that “given the small dimensions of the spaces for services, focusing attention on ceramic pieces was our mission. We opted for compositions with a microcement effect that had a distinctive touch ”.

Dark gray and pinkish tones ranging from white to orange were the colors chosen to convey sensations in each room.

Hand-operated washbasins simulate the characteristic stains of microcement that add depth and a very special tonal richness to the pieces.

The ceramic rubbings also played an important role, through texts related to the pleasure of gastronomy and the application of the restaurant logo, the necessary point of uniqueness was added to the designs.

The complexity of the pieces lies in their matte finish and in the subsequent application of the ceramic rubbings that involved carrying out two successive batches and at different temperatures to achieve the desired nuances.

The result of all this process is that of two pieces that manage to transmit with both visual and textural realism the characteristics of microcement, a material of great trend in interior design.

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