Oceanographic Centre

With its coastal location, the museum has a presence that is as simple as it is impressive, an omnipresent cube that can be seen from far away. This space dedicated to the marine sciences functions as a cultural and scientific centre devoted to the sea.

Communing with the sea

Crossing the threshold, we find the different exhibition rooms while passing through a series of marine zones: oceans, wetlands, and islands. The rooftop has a light-filled

restaurant open to the sea, and on the ground floor there is an aquarium with an enviable collection of flora and fauna. In a setting as serene and diaphanous as the oceanographic

museum, we find touches of marine ecosystems that evoke countless aquatic environments and make us travel delicately between seas.

Interpretation of the Atelier

Using modelled ceramic and pigments, the artists of the Atelier have recreated the sea floor in both the

mural in the lobby and on the washbasins in the restrooms. The textures play at being fossils and coral

formations, and the colours acquire movement to become wavelike.


In the museum lobby, where the ticket counter is located, key pieces were installed that situate us in the marine universe, an organic composition that simulates a coral reef in white ceramic.

This is integrated into the space like a tailor-made suit, with the delicacy and discretion that only a custom-made piece can achieve. We find another nod to the sea in the restrooms, where the washbasins were designed to play

with the fluids, simulating sea water and the beings that inhabit it. The washbasins are only understandable when seen together, with the fish leaping from one piece to the other.

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