Azul Cobalto

Experimental porcelain decoration emerged in China during the Tang Dynasty. During the southern Sung Dynasty, around the 14th century, cobalt blue was introduced, which was already used for faience decoration in Persia in the 13th century. However, the application of this pigment on very hard Chinese porcelain gave way to intense and brilliant cobalt blue effects that had never been seen before.

Despite the vicissitudes of history and time, centuries later cobalt blue once again shone brightly in the tiles that covered the facades of important buildings in Europe, especially in Portugal, where cobalt reached its maximum splendor.

The Carnac washbasin painted completely by hand with thin layers of cobalt blue, recovers the intense and timeless beauty of this lively pigment with a traditional, mystical and deep aura. An authentic and simple porcelain jewel.


Technical data

Artistas de Bathco Atelier
  • Hand painted by Bathco Atelier artists
  • Technique: high temperature glaze
  • Reference: 00444
  • Model: Carnac washbasin
  • Material: Natural porcelain
  • Measurement: 360 x 120 mm.

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