Rustic Cement Circus

This washbasin is a hymn to the purest brutalist essence, not only for its geometric volumes but also for how the artist represents the tactile and visual characteristics of cement on porcelain; the material par excellence of this style.

The use of different ceramic pigments, applied with a sponge based on fine gray and white glazes, previously matted, accurately reproduces the robustness, texture and nuances of the cement. The artist evokes the passage of time on the material outdoors through a verdigris effect created with vitrifiable greens.

It is not only a functional washbasin but an authentic sculpture, designed with the eyes of an architect, represented and treated with the sensitivity of the artist.


Technical data

Artistas de Bathco Atelier
  • Hand painted by Bathco Atelier artists
  • Technique: high temperature glaze
  • Reference: 00437
  • Model: Circus washbasin
  • Material: Natural porcelain
  • Measurement: 400 x 400 x 135 mm.

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