Self-patting steel is a type of steel made with a chemical composition that causes its oxidation to have particular characteristics. It is also a material widely used in architecture, in the landscape integration of structures even in large works of art.

The artists of the Atelier have imitated its roughness and its tones so that it lasts as long as the original. In this piece, the earth and successive layers of vitrifiable pigments are used to achieve the tactile and visual effect of corten steel. Its appearance reminds us of the surface of this type of alloy where the content of copper, chromium and nickel give its reddish tones that, depending on the degree of oxidation, vary from orange to dark brown.



Artistas de Bathco Atelier
  • Hand painted by the artist of Bathco Atelier
  • Téchnique: painting
  • Reference: 00400
  • Model: New Lys washbasin
  • Material: natural porcelain
  • Dimensions: 400 x 150 mm

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00401 Lavabo Bathco Atelier negro-mate00399 Lavabo Bathco Atelier madera