The project for these apartments, carried out by the interior designer Yolima Sierra Rico, is capable of transporting each guest or visitor to a different continent in each of the rooms. From a sunset in the savannah to the most cosmopolitan atmosphere of the New York night is recreated in this project.


The apartments Art Suites Santander keep the essence of each of the continents, for this reason, it was decided to personalize the washbasin of each of them with images that evoke characteristic

elements of the different parts of the planet.

This is how a collection of hand-painted washbasins was born that today surprise visitors and make spaces unique and non-transferable.

The development of the proposals started from the idea that the interior designers proposed to the artists and through the analysis of the rest of the materials, coatings and details that would complete the decoration.

Atelier´s interpretation

The artists at the Atelier de Bathco tried to capture the magic and peculiarities of each continent in the toilet area.

Colours, textures, vegetation, etc. served as inspiration throughout the creative process.

Olea and Riga washbasins served as canvas to give life to the most characteristic of each continent.


Yolima Sierra commented that the Antarctic-inspired bathroom “was white and it would be great to put a washbasin in shades of blue to add a touch of colour over the white.”

Keeping this in mind, she turned to film landscapes that the freezing cold leaves behind when white merges with blue. That is the point that inspired the interior design work of this apartment.

They could not miss the penguin families walking through the kilometre-long blocks of ice in these unpopulated landscapes.

Asia is another of the most interesting apartments. The artists at Bathco Atelier wanted to capture the delicacy and subtlety of Asian culture in their washbasins.

To do this, with their brushes, they drew simple lines that draw the bamboo moved by the wind and the elevations of land that serve as a backdrop to large cities.

The result is monochromatic washbasins with pure lines that contrast with the explosion of colour in the rest of the room.

For the apartment inspired by Africa, a piece was requested in orange colours that were the predominant ones. The bathroom of America asked for a washbasin in green and yellow colours with washbasin leaves with a very Caribbean and cheerful style. In Europe, elegant black lines predominated, capturing emblematic buildings. For the Oceania apartment, a piece was asked to fit in with the earthy colours that predominated in the interior design.

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