Cabárceno Nature Park

The Cabárceno Nature Park is not a conventional zoo or a natural park. It is a space naturalized by the hand of man, based on the primitive beauty of its karst landscape, on the 750 hectares of an old open-pit mining operation.

Fauna in every corner

The bathrooms at Los Osos Restaurant house one of the most special projects that the Bathco Atelier team has developed. The Cabárceno Nature Park is a world reference and the fauna it houses has turned out to be one of the best inspirations for artists.

The Atelier’s work promotes the fascinating experience that results from visiting the Cabárceno facilities, transferring its most representative animals to the bathrooms by means of illustrations on ceramics.

Atelier´s interpretation

The artistic intervention begins with the footprints painted on some of the tiles that line the floor, leading us to all the topcounter washbasins and

the wall tiles. “Wherever we turn our gaze, we will find represented lions, bison, antelopes, giraffes or gorillas among many other animals that

observe us, making us feel in a unique and above all alive space” affirm the artists who developed the work.


The artists of the Atelier took as a reference the different species that inhabit the park to begin to work using the latest technologies applied to ceramics as well as with the

traditional paint based on verifiable pigments. Hand-lit pencil sketches, design software, Japanese paintbrushes, oil blends, powder colours, and the magic of high-heat

ovens have been helpful in depicting animals in different attitudes and with a loose drawing treatment and watercolour stain that play to populate the space.

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