A trip to the eternal city

In the bustling setting of Casa Decor 2024, “Fontana” emerges as a true gem that captivates the senses and awakens the imagination.

Designed by Alfaro-Manrique Atelier, this space invites visitors to embark on a journey to the eternal city: Rome.

A dream setting

Upon entering space number 29 of Casa Decor, visitors are greeted by a scene that seems to have been taken from a movie. “Fontana” is not simply a bathroom, it is a setting where a visual and emotional narrative unfolds inspired by the rich history and charm of Rome. Every detail, carefully selected, contributes to creating an experience that goes beyond aesthetics to become a total immersion experience.

Alfaro-Manrique Atelier’s theatrical design transports viewers to a cinematic scene from Fellini’s Rome. The Trevi Fountain comes to life in “Fontana”, represented by the bathtub, sinks and strategically placed mirrors. Each element evokes the majesty of the iconic Roman fountain, while the curtains, with their soft movement, bring to mind the glamorous dress of the protagonist in the unforgettable Dolce Vita sequence.

The Trevi Fountain comes to life

But beyond its aesthetic beauty, “Fontana” is a celebration of greatness and simplicity. The gray stone Striae sinks, the Pretoria bathtub intervened by the Bathco Atelier and the mirrors that reflect the beauty of the interaction between touch and skin, everything combines harmoniously to create a space that invites contemplation.

This sensory journey not only allows us to explore the cultural and architectural wealth of Rome, but also invites us to reflect on the transformative power of design. “Fontana” is proof that interior design goes beyond aesthetics; It is an art form that can awaken emotions, tell stories and transport us to faraway places.

New washbasin collection

The true protagonists of the space are the stone pedestal washbasins, belonging to the new Stone Collection in the Materia catalogue. These washbasins are the result of the perfect combination between artisanal techniques and cutting-edge mechanical processes, resulting in washbasins of high quality and authenticity.

Each washbasins tells a unique story that is revealed when the stone is carved, as if it were a silent witness to the passage of time. Each series is available in four models – square, rectangular, oval and pedestal – and in elegant gray and beige tones.

Bathco Products

Pedestal Washbasins

Striae pedestal washbasins pay tribute to classic Mediterranean architecture, inspired by the columns of antiquity.

Pretoria Bathtub

The Pretoria bathtub has been intervened on the outside by the Bathco Atelier, painting its exterior black.

Faucet Spouts

The faucets used are the Milos series that offers a wide variety of options to adapt to different needs.

Discover our spaces

The Bathco space at Casa Decor 2024 can be visited from April 11 to May 29 in space 29 of Casa Decor 2024 (Palacio de la Trinidad, Madrid), where we also participate in other spaces. You can get your tickets by clicking here.


Woodmodulor have created “Modular Nature” in which they have designed modular spaces built under Passivhaus criteria.

View space 07



The Wanna studio has designed this interpretation of an underground shelter that they have called “Cozy Bunker”

View space 22


In the best company

We want to make special mention of all the collaborators we have had in this space at Casa Decor 2024: Hisbalit (custom mosaic), Homapal (metal laminate), Helena Rubinstein (facial treatment) and Arquitalia (project management and execution).

Press kit

Photos of the spaces and press releases

Through the following link you can download the photographs and press releases of the different spaces in which Bathco is present at Casa Decor 2024.


PHOTOGRAPHS: Lupe Clemente

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