The new bathroom law

“Upper West Salamanca” (The Bathroom Act) is a plea to return the stylistic, functional and social importance to bathrooms, turning them into absolute protagonists of homes.

This space rescues the Tenement Tiles way of decorating, with its characteristic ceramic tiles that became “famous” for decorating the common areas of what were once multi-family homes of the working class in Manhattan at the beginning of the 20th century. , transferred to the world of luxury and everyday life.

“Following the statutes of the Tenement Act to guarantee minimum conditions of space and sanitation in the most disadvantaged homes, we want to enact a new law that guarantees that bathrooms are central, social and aesthetic spaces in which we spend more and more time” conclude the designers of the studio Egue and Seta, authors of this project.


This plea in favor of the bathroom and the Tenement Tiles is present in each of the construction elements of this space where the use of ceramics stands out for being economical and infinitely versatile, which has allowed the creation of a fun, different and full space. color.

The cutting of all the tiles is what stands out the most in the space and the different ceramic pieces meticulously worked by the hands of the artists of the Bathco Atelier are the main protagonists.

On the one hand, work of a pictorial nature has been carried out, reflected in two hand-painted ceramic murals, and on the other hand, a more sculptural work has been carried out with the creation of low-relief ceramic tiles made in a completely artisanal way.

Main artists:

  • Design of parts and creation of molds: Cecilio
  • Molding and extraction of pieces: Ángel and Cecilio
  • Hand polishing and gluing of the pieces: María, José Luis and Cecilio
  • Aged painting and enamelling of pieces: María, Ana and José Luis

Main artists:

  • Composition and image creation: Cecilio
  • Printing and lacquering of tracings: Cecilio and María
  • Pasting rubbings on tiles: Inma and Marisa
  • Hand retouching with ceramic pigment: Ángel and José Luis

Main artists:

  • Composition and printing of stencil masks: Cecilio
  • Hand painted with ceramic pigment: Ana


The artists of the Atelier have been in charge of recreating those characteristic polychrome and profusely decorated tiles of the time, inspired by the rise of the Art Nouveau movement and in the midst of the “boom” of Victorian residential architecture.

Its preparation has been very special because it has been done the opposite of how it is usually imagined. We worked first with digital techniques, designed by computer and printed with 3D machines, and then implemented craftsmanship, taking a plaster negative, introducing ceramic paste under pressure. To later, bake and hand glaze each tile individually.


The space consists of two ceramic murals (a woman and an area of plants) designed by artists from the Atelier, who to create them have entered sketches into artificial intelligence software to generate different alternatives and through post-production in Photoshop the final sketch has been reached. These ceramic murals have been created using decals and high-temperature vitrifiable paint.


Also worth highlighting is the lettering work done for the title “MORNING SIDE” that appears in the space. To have a high degree of detail and quality, the Atelier artists created a vinyl that works with a reserve, which they subsequently filled with a white ceramic pigment.

New washbasin collection

Ceramic tiles made completely by hand, hand-painted murals and endless details that only enhance the room to finally leave all the protagonism to two fundamental pieces, the washbasins.

On this occasion, Bathco has chosen two stainless steel pieces from the new Detroit collection. This series of washbasins is available in circular, square and rectangular formats and also has three different finishes: brushed steel, gun metal and bronze.

Bathco Products

Detroit washbasins

The rectangular Detroit washbasins in a brushed steel finish are located in the rest and dressing area.

Antequera toilet

The Antequera toilet is located in the most intimate space of the bathroom hidden from the main area.

Milos Faucets

The taps used are the Milos series. Both the tall taps on the sinks and the shower tap. All of them in gun metal finish.

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