La Voladora restaurant

This new location announces its opening in March 2021 along with the existing Daria. The name pays tribute to Asunción Muriedas ‘La Voladora’, a nickname that accompanied this popular woman, mother of ‘La Cruza’, since the explosion of the ship Cabo Machichaco, which occurred in 1893 in Santander (Spain), sent her flying through the air, skewing her leg.


For the refurbishment of the space, the partners trusted the Aedificare studio, which faced the challenge of maintaining the essence of Daria but giving the new space its own personality. Luana García, interior designer at Aedificare, assures that “the chosen materials respect the style of ‘Daría ’: microcement, wood,

black chains and subway tile, but reinterpreted and applied in a different way.” On the other hand, “it must be said that we are in love with Portugal and its tile facades, which once also decorated our streets, it was there that we decided that there should be a large personalized mural that perfectly reflects the essence of Santander”.


Alfonso Piñero was in charge of drawing the illustration that presides over the main dining room of the restaurant in which there are no shortage of references to the city of

Santander. The artist wanted to represent “’La Voladora’ in an allegorical way with the figure of a mermaid (which has no legs, like the protagonist), the Cabo Mayor

lighthouse, the boats entering the Bay of Santander, even the popular rock on the Camello beach, etc.’


It was the artists of Bathco Atelier who reproduced this illustration to scale to achieve a large mural almost 7 meters long made up of 20 × 20 cm tiles. The process began with digitization to be able to adapt the

drawing to the tiles as if it were a puzzle. After this, the ceramic decals were printed and placed on the porcelain in a traditional way thanks to the expert hands of our workshop. To revive the

indigo blue so typical of Portuguese porcelain, the artists enriched the mural by painting it freehand and giving life to this woman who has become a heroine.

Roma and Jerez porcelain washbasins painted by the artists from Bathco Atelier. Piamonte wall-hung toilet. Matte black faucet Icons. Photos David Montero

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