Bathco Atelier´s wall

Cecilio Espejo’s works stand out for their characteristic and expressive use of color. In the intervention of the Bathco workshop he applied “a sequence of spots, splattered or even pulverized, that through a principle marked by chance mutates, becoming a contour, a figure, and finally a face”.


¿Cómo se hizo?

Between the showroom and the Bathco workshop there was a space that needed to be dressed to give the visitor an idea of what he was going to find when entering the sliding

doors. Bathco Atelier is a hotbed of creativity and therefore, a prelude was needed to announce what was to be visited. For this, Cecilio captured figures and forms

subjected to continuous changes and new creations that permanently test his qualities as a draftsman, painter and sculptor.

Atelier interpretation

The woman, both in her most generic sense and in her most particular sense, has inspired the artist to make this mural. The look, the gestures, the features … that although different

are similar on the five continents. Differently the same could be said.

The colours of Africa compared

to the sobriety of the West, the exotic of Asia, the shapes of the relief, the curves of the body … everything is capable of being captured.


The passage area between the showroom and the Atelier consisted of a large space intended for storage and it was decided to divide to create well differentiated spaces. To do this, a partition was raised and sliding

doors were installed to facilitate access. As it is a storage area, the lighting was reinforced by projecting the spotlights towards the pieces and a backlit canvas was placed. Several coats of paint were

also applied to the floor to unify the staircase area with the rest, and the display unit was restored to achieve a homogeneous environment.

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