Inspire & evoke

Bathco presents its space at Casa Decor 2021 designed by interior designer Beatriz Silveira.

organic shapes

Inspire & evoke is a space that focuses on the materials and textures of nature that have inspired art throughout the centuries. This space arises from the

collaboration between Bathco and interior designer Beatriz Silveira and this collaboration is no coincidence. Both parties work in search of new materials through

sophistication and it has been that meeting point that has allowed them to get to know each other and present the Inspire & evoke space at Casa Decor 2021.

Sand Waves

For the first time and exclusively for Casa Decor, the Sand Waves collection by Solid Surface is presented with a sink with sinuous shapes that invite you to experience the softness of its touch. This collection will be available soon.


Bathco Products

The bath moment is dominated by the Pretoria bathtub by DadoQuartz, which, surrounded by light, transmits serenity and freshness.

In the shower area, the beige Simi stone plate, combined with teak wood details, reaffirms its firmness.

The New Ronda floor-standing toilet with the built-in cistern insists on the desire for visual cleanliness of the space.


Beatriz Silveira’s creativity led her to imagine three pieces for the bathroom on the fifth floor of Casa Decor 2021 that connect with the origin of materials and art inspired by nature. She transferred those designs to the Bathco Atelier artists who have worked on hand-molded ceramic pieces to bring them to life. In this way, the covering of a piece of furniture in the bathroom area has emerged, a sculptural lamp that crowns the Pretoria bathtub and accompanying the closet doors, two surprising origami-inspired wall lights have been placed.

Although the pictorial aspect is very present in many of the works carried out by the Cantabrian company, on this occasion the artists were clear from the beginning that the sculptural technique was going to be the basis of a work made in porcelain molded by their expert hands. .

Technically it was a complex work composed of three sculptural pieces and although the creation process was different in each case, the three have a common basis in the processes.

Once the most suitable material was chosen, different texture and molding variables were evaluated; In this case no molds have been used, each and every piece is made entirely by hand. The choice of color and also its own color and texture was also very important so that the entire space had a homogeneous appearance. Finally, we moved on to the baking process, which, thanks to the company’s ceramic experience, was a guaranteed success.

Interior designer Beatriz Silveira designed a wooden piece of furniture and commissioned Bathco Atelier artists to create a two-metre ceramic covering to dress it.


The artistic director of the Atelier, Emeric Minaya, assures that “when he commissioned this lamp from us we were not aware of how complex the creation process would be.”


To create the wall sconces designed by the interior designer, “we thought of white clay with fine chamotte as the best option,” says artist María Centeno.


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