A terrace on the Costa Brava

When decorating any room, we not only display our personality and our tastes but also create spaces where we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

The sea as a reference

The interiorist Teresa Casas has renovated the terrace of a private home on the Costa Brava and she has commented that “It was not new construction but rather an old house, one with character. The terrace was

practically unused, as it was not considered a space to be enjoyed. We thought it was be important to recover it, above all to take advantage of the space during the daytime in the cooler months of the year. In summer, given

the proximity to the beach, it wasn’t as important, and they preferred the cooler interior of the house because its construction shielded it from the high temperatures”.

Atelier´s interpretation

Cecilio Espejo and  María Centeno are the Bathco Atelier artists who worked with Teresa Casas’s team on this project.  When the project was conceived, different aspects were considered such as the

surroundings or the furniture: the colour of the chairs or the pattern of the textils. The building was in a town on the coast then, the references to the sea and the coast couldn’t be left out.

The Atelier mural adds a reference to place of personalisation, exclusivity and of artistic expression, that would at the same time also transmit the value of craftsmanship.


For María “this project had certain very clear parameters. They wanted a Mediterranean-inspired composition that joined painting and volume. So we focussed on the characteristic blues of the Mediterranean, on the forms of its marine fauna: fish, coral and snails”.

Cecilio delved more deeply into the technique. For the artist “the mural uses two very different techniques and treatments: ceramic painting to recreate the school of fish and the coral, and the three-dimensional work done based on the volumetric

elements that simulate snails. It should be noted that these elements were sculpted in porcelain individually, without the help of moulds. A totally artisanal work. Once fired, a varnish was applied to protect them from the elements”.

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