Winery in Spain

The solidity of the earth and its strata gives us robust and life-affirming grape vines. These supply us with an exquisite fruit that will be aromatised in wooden casks and, in due time, give us a delicious wine for our pleasure.

An earthy project

Among these vineyards, we find our winery, with an avant-garde air but without sacrificing its past and tradition, set in an incomparable landscape in the midst of nature. A space made of wood, in the form of cubes, extractions, and negative

space articulate the building throughout. Where light is administered through indirect openings that filter and bathe the cubicles in a pleasant and tranquil way. Between the earth and the wood, the interior designer saw the need for

contrast with other materials that would complement them and evoke the place where this winery stands. To do so, he opted for ceramic elements, designed and tailor-made with his personal stamp.

Interpretation of the Atelier

The result is a series of washbasins painted by the artist which represent the different strata of the earth and the elements that come into play in

the wine making process. To do so, the artist coloured the ceramic material itself with tones that recall the different types of wine and the blue of

water, which is so important for grapes to grow and in the functionality of the washbasin.


A mural was needed at the entrance to the tasting area to serve as a preface and to link it with outside. A panoramic

view of the setting with a vintage air that would evoke the past. To achieve this, the artist found

inspiration in nineteenth-century engravings depicting grape harvesting.

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