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Bathco Atelier develops custom projects where the artistic intervention goes beyond the washbasin to completely inundate the space through the creation of ceramic murals. The architect or interior designer has the opportunity to work directly with the Atelier artists to produce murals and pieces that are fully adapted to the conceptual needs of the individual project.

    What we need to know...

    Tell us briefly about your project

    In order to start the creative process, we need to know more.
    (type of building or space, concept, where you want to install the Atelier work).

    Attach photos here. You can add up to 3 files at a time, maximum: 2 MB (PDF, JPG or PNG)

    Do you have photos of the project as a whole? And of the space you want to intervene in? All of this helps us think.

    Possibilities Atelier offers you

    You can intervene in the space in any way you like.*

    Choose just a mural, just washbasins, a mural plus washbasins, with the possibility of incorporating pieces with volume.*

    Indicate the number of toilets in your project*

    Name or reference of the washbasin(s)*

    See example

    Inspire us... Tell us about your idea.

    Specific references.

    You're thinking about a project based on a specific image or product reference. Attach a sketch or actual image, you can add up to 3 files at a time (maximum: 2 MB in PDF, JPG or PNG format)


    You don't have a specific image in mind. You simply have an idea you want to explore. Tell us about it:

    We need to know more... (Technical aspects)

    To develop any mural, our studio artists need to know certain technical aspects.

    Mural dimensions.*

    Where are you planning to develop the project?*

    We ask you this because the choice of pigments to be used depends on the location.

    What type of tile do you want to use?

    Remember that the standard dimensions are 31.5 x 63 cm. And if you're interested in a different size, please tell us.

    Below we invite you to enter your contact information so that we can send you our proposal.

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