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From Bathco Atelier comes Totem, the pieces hand painted by the artist Adri Santiago. Atelier Collection is Bathco’s most exclusive collection. The Sicilia washbasin becomes the canvas and displays an intervention by eight artists who express their most personal style using different techniques. This group of artists, starting with a single concept, propose eight totally different points of view that give life to fourteen unique washbasins. This encompasses a diversity that makes each piece a work of art.

One of this group of artists is Adri Santiago. His works Totem I and Totem II attempt to reflect the sensation of human beings facing the inevitable. In the first, the human figures surrender to their destiny by slipping and letting themselves fall. In the second, just the opposite occurs: the characters resist and cling to the edge of the washbasin, thereby rejecting their destiny.

The artist draws the figures that appear in his pieces. After that, he colours them in black, grey, green or blue with the technique of the sponge and removes the excess paint to achieve purified lines. When Adri finishes painting of the washbasins, it goes through a process of firing in the kiln and drying and finally is packed with mime.


Thanks to the talent, experience, and creativity of group of professionals from Bathco, the entire artistic process in carried out in-house. Since the birth of the first ideas, the process of sketching, applying paint, testing new materials; the process of firing and drying; everything is done at the company’s facilities and is impregnated with the essence and genius of the individual artists.


To present the washbasins in the ATELIER collection, we have developed very special packaging. An original, personalised, case depicting the motif of each washbasin and signed by the artist.
As with any artistic work, inside you will find a certificate of originality, a description of the handcrafted process of creating it, and a number corresponding to the limited edition.

You can see the catalogue here.

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