Spa in Florence

Antique engravings and etchings served as the inspiration for this project. The beauty of classicism never fails to dazzle us.

The beauty of classicism

One of the rooms of this spa in the heart of Florence was inspired by the private baths of ancient Roman villas.

Lacking furniture or other elements to interfere with the discourse, the space has a clear functionalism within

a simple, classical aesthetic.

Interpretación de Atelier

The mural designed for this space makes the case for updated classicism. The artist depicts a human face in a style that alludes to antique etchings. The drawing based on

lines simulating the incisions of the acid inundates the simple and relaxing atmosphere with classicism and academism. The technique used in the creation of this piece was traditional

ceramic painting; a single colour and ox-hair paintbrushes were the only tools used by the artist.