The color pink has an unusual power in those eyes that observe it. Its more powdery and pastel ranges take us to spaces of peace, serenity and sweetness. Associated with femininity, in its nuanced versions it results in a clear, calm and diaphanous color.

In creating the pink Carnac washbasin, the artist uses magenta vitrifiable pigments treated with other raw materials that achieve a matte finish. The difficulty of this piece lies not only in its careful elaboration using glazes, but also in the color treatment. The magenta vitrifiable pigment is one of the most expensive that exists; hence the exclusive use of this pigment, reserved only for select and significant pieces.

Carnac rosa is a very resistant washbasin that nevertheless, thanks to its rough contrast, looks fine, delicate and distinguished.


Technical data

Artistas de Bathco Atelier
  • Hand painted by Bathco Atelier artists
  • Technique: high temperature glaze
  • Reference: 00442
  • Model: Carnac washbasin
  • Material: Natural porcelain
  • Measurement: 360 x 120 mm.

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