The knowledge and mastery that the artist has of the materials makes often inconceivable tasks possible and this piece is an example of this.

Microcement, designed for covering walls, floors and other surfaces, is a material formulated using cement, resins, pigment and other additives, the mixture of which produces a uniform, extraordinarily resistant paste, without cracks and with beautiful stains.

Carnac microcement is a complete porcelain wash, which replicates the microcement finish in a hyper-realistic way. On its surface decorated with matt vitrifiable pigments, the artist works with a sponge simulating the patinas and waters typical of this material.

Carnac microcement is a sink with high decorative value thanks to the variety of effects and textures, which looks luxurious but measured in any space.



Technical data

Artistas de Bathco Atelier
  • Hand painted by Bathco Atelier artists
  • Technique: high temperature glaze
  • Reference: 00443
  • Model: Carnac washbasin
  • Material: Natural porcelain
  • Measurement: 360 x 120 mm.

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