There are many decorative trends in recent years, but the last one is perhaps, from a philosophical point of view, the most regenerative. From Japan and the Zen Buddhist culture extremely respectful of nature and its imperfection, Wabi Sabi was born, which is based on a sense of minimalist space, which promotes three basic ideas: nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, nothing is finished.

If we stop to look at those objects on which the passage of life and its use have left their mark, we will realize that there is no better artist than time itself.

The Carnac Rústico washbasin has a wabi sabi soul. Created by the artist who uses ocher and earthy pigments typical of simple and artless nature, this sink appears as a manifesto, in which it is made clear that the unfinished, imperfect and old has a powerful transformative power in the eyes that they stop to understand.

Carnac Rústico is a porcelain sink that is balanced, imperfect, frank and calm.


Technical data

Artistas de Bathco Atelier
  • Hand painted by Bathco Atelier artists
  • Technique: high temperature glaze
  • Reference: 00445
  • Model: Carnac washbasin
  • Material: Natural porcelain
  • Measurement: 360 x 120 mm.

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