A very artistic showroom

The new Oliveras showroom is inaugurated at number 6, Avenida Barcelona de Figueras (Gerona). This company specialized in construction materials and official Bathco distributor relies on the work of Bathco Atelier artists to condition its space.

The hand of the artists

Cómo se hizo el showroom de Oliveras

Oliveras renews its facilities to welcome visits from builders, architects or interior designers and clients in general who want to learn about the latest materials and new trends. It is a space composed

through corners where you can see different environments. Bathco products are present in two of them. On the one hand, the new matte black porcelain collection of sinks and toilets is unveiled.

Also present is a selection of the most outstanding sinks from the general and Materia catalogue. In addition, you can see all the techniques developed by Bathco Atelier artists.

Painted mural

From the Cantabrian company’s workshop, large-format murals emerge to be installed in any space. For this occasion, the

Artists poured all their creativity with brushstrokes of ceramic and lighting pigments on 30×60 cm tiles. With

Those tiles formed a large mural piece by piece as if it were a puzzle.

The applique

A ceramic wall light also created by Bathco Atelier artists was placed in the center of the large mural. The team’s hands shape the ceramics until they create a piece that highlights what is handmade.


Crowning the kitchen area was a rectangular lamp that has been covered with ceramic pieces modeled one by one until forming a whole.

Three types of panels

The right side wall displays three small panels where you can clearly see the techniques used in the workshop: creation of ceramic pieces, creation of murals and intervention of porcelain washbasins.

1. Ceramic pieces

The artists investigate, test, get inspired and begin to create by modeling the ceramics until they give life to unique ceramic pieces that

They will be installed in projects with very careful interior design. In this exhibition you can see a set made up of 21 pieces that imitate

the shapes of anemones or sea sponges as a tribute to the Girona coast.

2. Mural

The painted murals are another emblem of the workshop in which a new design is created, printed on ceramic decals and applied to tiles that after baking

get pieces that last over time. And if artists want to give a more realistic touch, they take the brushes and apply ceramic or even luminous pigments that will be seen

with ultraviolet light. A mural with plant motifs was installed here.

3. Atelier Collection

Another display option is the mini-washbasins sampler where you can see the different finishes of the Atelier collection. This is one of Bathco’s most special collections, consisting of a series of porcelain sinks that are

They become canvases to be intervened by artists. They themselves express their most personal style through different techniques and give life to different materials such as marble, wood, Corten steel, etc. The sinks come accompanied by a

description on vinyl where you can read the creation process. With this type of spaces, builders, architects, interior designers and decorators can learn all the techniques that can be applied to their projects.

Washbasin display

In order to show the wide range of sinks that Bathco has, wooden panels are proposed that allow 5 or 6 models to be placed thanks to

wooden wedges with a metal structure that fit into the lines of the display itself. In the case of Oliveras, they installed

three panels in which the suspended sinks are presented in view of the visitor without hardly interrupting the physical space.

Matte Collection

Bathco’s matte collection also has a place in this space. Two Dinan rectangular washbasins in black and the New Ronda/Antequera suspended toilet can be seen in an environment where gray tones and wood are the protagonists.

With this showroom, Oliveras aims to show builders, architects, interior designers and decorators the materials and techniques that can be applied to their projects. You can visit it at Avenida Barcelona nº 6, Figueras (Gerona).

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