Living Bath

A living room bathroom created by Helena Rocha

Bathroom and living room integrated into the same room

The artistic work of the Atelier can be seen in Living Bath, Helena Rocha’s space for Natuzzi, which consists of an original “living bathroom” where it is possible to enjoy a relaxing bath and, at the same time, rest.

in a living room integrated into the same room. To materialize this new concept, there is indirect lighting, natural but very elegant materials that connect with the Brazilian roots of the architect.

The hands of the Atelier artists have intervened in various pieces, giving continuity to the color palette and the play of lights that have been created in the space.


The freehand ceramic lattice served as a starting point to establish the base color of the Arenas sinks painted by the artists.

In addition to the Hisbalit Raw mosaic that can be seen on the floor of the space, more mosaics can be seen in the sink area that serve as a blank canvas for the artists.

The architect was inspired by the Japanese Sumi-e painting for the sink area. The Bathco Atelier artists tried to capture this ancestral technical aesthetic on mosaics with the utmost respect.


Among the different mosaic formats and colors that Hisbalit proposed, the artists chose the Stone 567 model, a format

square of neutral color to create a 3×3 meter mural. Through brushes, sponges, rags and the technique of

stencils gave life to an ethereal and atmospheric environment inspired by the aesthetics of Japanese Sumi-e painting.


In contrast to the heterogeneity of the mural, the solidity of the Arenas pedestal washbasin is presented. Helena Rocha opted for two units of this model to complete the bathroom area. This is one of the novelties that Bathco has presented in

its new general catalogue. The two pieces were intervened by the Atelier artists to integrate them into Living Bath. To achieve integration, a lot had to do with the freehand ceramic lattice made of baked clay from which the

main color and all the tones that can be seen in the project were also applied with a subtle difference between the exterior and the pool. And as a detail, matte porcelain valves were installed that complete the set.

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