Serene touch

A tribute to craftsmanship to enhance the senses

A new concept of hotel reception

“Serene touch” proposes a new concept of hotel reception. For the first time we took the sink out of the bathroom to open it to public spaces in which the beauty and functionality of this piece has the same meaning and allows us to use our most primal sense, touch.

With this space, the recovery of a real world is claimed, one that can be felt and touched. And precisely this sense is reflected through the pieces designed by the interior designer and created by the artists of the Bathco Atelier.

The interior designer, Patricia Bustos, assures that “feeling, in an era where everything is over-intellectualized, is presented to us as a way to experience and explore that which was always there, but that for some reason we stopped honoring.”


In a society that sees how parallel universes are created in which the corporeal is lost, the Bathco space reclaims places with soul and meaning with the help of Patricia Bustos Studio. The creativity of the interior designers led them to imagine pieces created by hand for this new space

“Throughout all these years, craftsmanship has brought our body closer, through senses such as sight and touch, to experiences of beauty, respect and care.” Patricia Bustos visited Bathco Atelier to learn about the different techniques that artists apply to their work, she became

an idea of the possibilities that this space allows and became involved in the creation process working hand in hand with the artists. In this way he has given life to different ceramic pieces: a counter, a bench, some lamps, some sinks with their bases and the legs of the central table.

Washbasins, bases and table legs
Main artists: Cecilio Espejo and Ángel Leston

Main artists: Emeric Minaya and María Centeno

Counter and bench
Main artists: Ana Expósito and José Luis Ochoa

Counter and bench

Patricia Bustos Studio designed two pieces of furniture for the “Tocto sereno” space inspired by architectural brutalism: a 3.13 x 2.80 m counter. and a bench of 2.10 x 0.32 m.

The Atelier artists were in charge of reproducing both pieces to later cover them with ceramic. Finally they applied a patina to give a

aged appearance, they were painted in gradient with less saturated tones and finished with a fine golden patina.

Washbasins, bases and table legs

The sink becomes a key piece in TACTO SERENO because it appears for the first time in a public space of these characteristics. This way the visitor can purify themselves when they arrive at the hall and go to the counter to manage their reservation. On this occasion, the circular Dinan model is chosen, which appears dressed in squares.

As Patricia Bustos advanced months ago, these paintings are a trend in 2022 and she wanted to make this evident in her proposal. The sinks painted by Bathco Atelier artists are placed on bases and are completed with Tasos taps. On a cylindrical shape the artists

They apply a ceramic layer that they paint simulating the same paintings that are seen on the sinks and thus the bases are created. Following the same technique, a scale reproduction of the pedestals was made to create table legs that can be seen in the center of the space.


The space called for three lamps to be placed in the center of the room. To conceive them, the artists built

three conical structures that were covered with ceramic and painted with the same

technique than the counter and the bench to generate a global atmosphere.

New faucets

For the first time and exclusively for visitors to Casa Decor 2022, we present a new line of TASOS faucets that will be available in our next general catalog that will be available in May of this year.

year. Two Dinan sinks can also be seen on pedestals created by Bathco artists. The Tasos model presents a wall-mounted tap that is simplified as much as possible into two simple pieces – tap and knob – leaving

recessed the mechanism and visually clearing the area giving importance to the elements that really have it. Modernity and simplicity.

“In a world in which we want to recover hugs and physical contact, the sink becomes a kind of spring that returns us to space ready to use our most primal and fundamental sense, the first one we develop at birth, the one that produces more oxytocin and happiness hormone, TOUCH”Patricia Bustos

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