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The Hotel Sol Boutique by Mara Group opens its doors in old palaces that Emilio de la Torriente built in 1898 on Calle del Sol in Santander. After a rehabilitation in which additions that distorted the original facades and a distribution of the interiors were eliminated, rooms with bathrooms emerged in which pieces created by Bathco Atelier artists have been installed.

Art in the bathrooms

If we go into the bathrooms of the rooms at the Hotel Sol Boutique we will see unique, well-kept, original spaces… and this is thanks to the interior design project by Cintia Díaz. Each of the pieces was chosen by the designer in a way

meditated to create meaningful environments and in this process the advice of Andrés Navedo, head of exhibitions at Lostal, one of the official Bathco distributors in Cantabria, was essential. In the bathrooms of the rooms

You can see different washbasins from the catalog of the company specialized in the bathroom sector as well as pieces made ad hoc by Bathco Atelier artists.

Anastasia Room

Room 306 Anastasia houses one of the murals made by Bathco Atelier artists based on the illustration “Anastasia” by Sofia Bonati and the main tones were chosen to create the porcelain washbasin covered in microcement

tile also created in the company’s workshop. Cintia Díaz comments that “As for the Anastasia mural, I had already seen this image that is by an Argentine illustrator and I really like all of her illustrations. I contacted her

To do this work, we paid the rights to be able to reproduce it and from there the Atelier was doing tests. “This was pretty simple.”

Chinoserie Room

For one of the Premium rooms they chose wallpaper and they wanted to give it continuity in the bathroom but they wanted the material to be waterproof. For this reason, they turned to the artists of Bathco Atelier, who reproduced the design in ceramic decals and applied them manually on tiles. These cover the main wall of this en-suite bathroom in the form of a mural.

The designer explains that “that whole room, like the bathroom, arose from paper. I fell in love with that paper and from that paper the rest of the room was created. It was around that paper. So I didn’t I agree very well, yes, Andrés Navedo from Lostal gave me the idea. I have worked closely and we have worked very well. He told me, why don’t you repeat?

He told me about the Atelier and told me: you can create this same tile. And he told him: well, the truth is that it would be very good, it would be a completely different bathroom and it turned out very well. The truth is that I am very happy with that bathroom. “I really like that bathroom and everyone comes out and likes it very much, it really impacts them.”

Nouvolette Room

The Dinan model appears decorated with ceramic decals thanks to the expert hands of the artisans of the Cantabrian company. In this case, the designer wanted

that the medallion of Hermes (Mercury) was represented. To do this, a design was made in digital format, printed on ceramic decals and decorated.

matching the drawing of the sink with that of the valve. This way the visitor will appreciate the complete drawing during the cleaning.

Peony bouquet and Boheme Rooms

For the bathroom in room 211 Peony bouquete, the designer wanted the sink to have a look similar to the Hisbalit mosaics that are

They placed it on one of the walls. To achieve this, the artists did different tests until they found the exact color and obtained a Lysa washbasin in shades

pinkish. Here you can also see the set of supports with white countertop. You can also see this sink in room 101 Bohéme.

Do you want to see the complete project?

In addition to the pieces created by the artists, sinks from the Bathco catalog can be seen in the rooms of the Hotel Sol Boutique. If you want to see it click on the following link.

Ver Hotel Sol Boutique.

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