Sunday afternoon

Brutalist and very northern

Elegant but with a naughty touch

The interior designer Mar Vidal has Bathco for her debut at Marbella Design & Art. The Asturian creates the space Tarde de Domingo where she includes Bathco references as well as pieces created ad hoc by Bathco Atelier artists.

Sunday Afternoon is a “brutalist, very slate and metal, very northern” space in which the Asturian origins of the interior designer are evident. She herself advances that it is “a singular project and nothing within the mold, subtly elegant but with a rogue point.”

To develop it, it has relied on the work of Bathco Atelier artists, thus creating an alliance between two companies from the north. Thus, different materials have been taken as inspiration to create unique pieces that will delight the visitor with all five senses.


Mar Vidal wanted the beach and the mountains to be present in the space through some materials that can be

find in their land, Asturias. In this way you can see slate, sand, stone,

gold… in the different elements that make up Sunday Afternoon.

Washbasin and shower frame

The Carnac porcelain washbasin was covered with impalpable chamotte to give it a rough appearance. With a set of sand and Asturian stones sent by the designer, a ground mixture was obtained.

This mixture, along with different pigments, was applied to the sink to achieve the “brutalist and very northern” look that the space requested. And to make a nod to Marbella luxury, small touches were painted

gold that finishes this personalized piece. The same finish from the washbasin was applied to the shower frame for a complete look.

References Bathco

Mar Vidal chose pieces from the Bathco catalog to complete the bathroom area.

He chose Milos faucets in a bronze finish for both the shower and the washbasin.

In the shower area you can see the black stone Versailles tray.

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