La Consentida

An exclusive, fun space, with lots of music and afternoons in the city of Santander.

Exclusive, fun, with lots of music and evenings

In October 2021, this place located in the Plaza del Cuadro in the Cantabrian capital began to write its history and presented itself as a meeting place for people who want to enjoy a great

atmosphere. La Consentida is designed so that “you can live moments that you will never want to end. We offer you afterwork afternoons, wines on the terrace or drinks to the rhythm of music.”


Carmen González, creative director of Studio San Fernando, was responsible for bringing La Consentida to life. She herself tells how they faced this project. “It is a place that has its own voice. Sometimes when you come across a project, the place itself speaks to you and this is a place that when we saw it, spoke. It spoke very clearly because it is a beautiful place, very well defined

and that fit very well with the proposals that the owners demanded of us. “La Consentida is a special place.”

The owners of the venue were very clear about what they wanted “they come from the world of hospitality and had more venues than the ones we had operated in but they were venues for different types of hospitality: hotels,

pubs too… What they were looking for was something totally different with a very marked personality and that did not have a trend but was something, as I said before, very personalized, a place very different from any of the ones they were already used to.


For the bathrooms, the Studio San Fernando team was looking for something different and groundbreaking and recalled Bathco’s proposal at Cevisama 2019: luminous pigments that glow in the dark and that fit with this type of premises. For this reason, he met with the artists from Bathco Atelier to launch a custom-made project.

The interior designer always looks for unique, exclusive and spectacular materials and tells us that “Atelier artists, like all artists, have that degree of madness and go beyond even what you propose, wonderful synergies are created. It is true that when we have special projects We count on Bathco because

They always add up and they never say no to what you propose and the lighting effects. I remember that three years ago at the Cevisama fair, at the Bathco stand there was a super pretty sink with some drawings and some lighting pigments and it stuck out to me. in the head.”

The result


In the girls’ bathroom you can see two Dinan CRU washbasins painted by Bathco Atelier artists as graffiti, while in the boys’ bathroom we see the Brussels suspended washbasin and the New Ronda toilet.

Fotos: David Montero

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